When You Choose Us


Once you choose Furin Construction as your home remodeler and a preliminary budget is established, we coordinate a design meeting to shape your ideas into a project. Based on the scope of the project, we can also work with one of our recommended architects and interior designers to help make your dream a reality. We ensure every detail of the design decisions of your project are finalized and selected before we begin planning the construction phase of your project.

A final project pricing will be delivered to you once the design and finishes have been selected. Upon approval of the scope of work, plan and pricing, we will prepare a contract for construction, and we're on the way to creating the home of your dreams!


Remodeling projects are unique in that we are performing our craft and creating our product within your home - your place of comfort - over a span of time. We pledge to be respectful of your personal space and as clean as possible during the project.

We follow a dedicated construction plan to ensure a timely and on-budget project for you, utilizing the best materials, craftsman and dedicated team of sub-contractors. Our model is as follows:

  1. Obtain a building permit, if required for your project.

  2. A detailed project plan and timeline is created to effectively manage your project.

  3. Cover and protect the construction site with erosion control, landscape protection and dust protection inside the home.

  4. Begin demolition and removal of debris from your home in an orderly, systematic and clean manner.

  5. If required, concrete placement and foundation work occurs.

  6. After inspections, then framing of the new space occurs.

  7. Installation of all of the mechanical “Rough In” materials, which may include plumbing, HVAC and electrical.

  8. Once mechanical and framing is installed, inspections occur for those projects requiring a permit. We meet with all inspectors onsite.

  9. Once inspections are complete, we install the gypsum board (drywall) in your new space. This is the point at which your vision starts becoming a reality!

  10. The space is ready for all of those design decisions that you selected early in the project. The wood trim, flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, appliances and any other finishes are installed during this phase of the project.

  11. We work diligently throughout this entire process to minimize the "punch list" at the completion of the project. As we near completion, a list of small, detail-oriented adjustments are addressed accordingly.

  12. When we feel satisfied the project is up to our standards, we will walk through the project with you and identify where, if any, corrections need to be made.

  13. At the time of substantial completion, we will go through another round of inspections from the county or city for your area. Occasionally, a "Certificate of Occupancy" will be required for you to move in, and we obtain that for you.


We believe open and responsive communication is crucial to the success of a remodeling project. Our team will keep you informed throughout the process with deadlines and expectations, to ensure we are always on the same page. When you choose Furin Construction, you have a partnership. We will always work one-on-one with you in the decision-making process, guiding you throughout your renovation project. We are here to make your life easier.