The Furin Path

At Furin, our time spent with you is an investment. Our goal is to provide top-of-the-line, dedicated service and product from beginning to end. We follow the following five guidelines during a project:

  1. Personal attention. With our business model, the homeowner deals with the same professional from first visit to last. From early development of the project, throughout construction and to the day you move into the space, a recognizable face will be around.

  2. Smaller is better.  We maintain only a few active jobs at a time to ensure we are focused on your project and have the bandwidth to complete it correctly and on schedule.

  3. Superb construction.  At Furin, we believe that each project should be built to the highest standards. We use quality materials and products and only employ craftsmen who have demonstrated superior workmanship and character over the years. 

  4. Cleanliness and low impact. Remodeling projects can cause a disruption to a homeowner’s routine. Therefore, we maintain a clean, safe and pleasant working environment with reasonable hours during the days that work best for you. 

  5. Honest and legitimate pricing. It is our duty to provide a fair, fixed-price contract based on an estimation of the cost of materials, labor, management and overhead. When unforeseeable matters arise, we are transparent about the most cost-effective ways to remedy the issue.